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Speech recognition made in Germany for the German language with an accuracy of up to 96%. This exceeds the accuracy of other major providers, such as Google and Amazon. You can choose between different models that differ in accuracy and speed. You can also train your own models to improve accuracy. To do so, simply contact us.

Features of our SpeechToText solution

Asynchronous Transcription

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Transcribe recorded audio and video files with human-level accuracy - scalable to many transcriptions in parallel.Contact us!

Various Audio and Video Formats

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Support for a wide range of audio and video formats, so you don't have to waste time converting.Contact us!

Timestamps Per Word

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Accurate timestamps for each individual word, allowing you to easily track when each word was spoken and synchronize subtitles perfectly.Contact us!

Speaker Diarization

Speaker identification and separation for audio and video. Our technology allows recognizing and distinguishing different speakers in an audio recording. This is particularly useful for processing group discussions, interviews, and conferences.

Features of our Speaker Diarization solution

Any number of speakers

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Recognizes and distinguishes any number of speakers in a single recording, allowing for clear separation of dialogues.Contact us!

Speaker per word

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Precise assignment of speakers to each individual word, making it easy to trace who said what and when.Contact us!

Resilience against background noise

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Advanced algorithms ensure that speakers are correctly identified even in loud environments or with background noise.Contact us!


Identification and tracking of speakers across multiple audio and video files. Our advanced technology not only recognizes different speakers but can also identify specific individuals in various recordings. This is ideal for security applications, customer interactions, and more.

Features of our SpeakerRecognition Solution

Individual Speaker Identification

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Recognition and confirmation of the identity of individual speakers, based on their unique vocal characteristics.Contact Us!

Cross-File Recognition

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Ability to recognize and track speakers across multiple audio and video files, allowing for comprehensive analysis over multiple sessions.Contact Us!

Voice Biometrics

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Use of biometric vocal features to enhance security and verify the identity of speakers.Contact Us!


Automatic generation of concise, informative summaries from spoken material. Our technology extracts key elements and presents them in a clear, understandable form. Ideal for meetings, interviews, and any lengthy audio content.

Features of our Summarization Solution

Key Points Extraction

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Identification and highlighting of the most important points in spoken communication.Contact Us!

Customizable Length Summaries

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Customizable summary lengths to meet different requirements - from brief overviews to detailed reports.Contact Us!

Context-Aware Summarization

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Consideration of the context of the discussion to create more relevant and precise summaries.Contact Us!


Customizable features through Large Language Models (LLMs), including specific prompt and software adjustments and fine-tuning for unique use cases. Ideal for specialized analyses and data extraction.

Features of our LLM-Features

Custom Prompt Tuning

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Individual prompt adjustments to maximize relevance and accuracy of results, tailored for specific requirements.Contact Us!

Data Extraction

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Efficient extraction of relevant information from large text volumes, perfect for market analysis, research, and reporting.Contact Us!

Unique Application Support

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Specially developed solutions for unique applications that go beyond standard LLM functionalities.Contact Us!


Advanced chatbot technology supporting semantic search capabilities and interactive dialogues to enable deeper insights and efficient interactions.

Features of our Chatbot Solution

Semantic Search

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Intelligent searching that understands the context and meaning behind queries to deliver more precise and relevant results.Contact Us!

Interactive Dialogue

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Capability to communicate in natural language, answer queries, and provide useful information based on your needs.Contact Us!

Transcript Interaction

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Seamless integration with transcripts to efficiently retrieve and analyze specific information from conversations or meetings.Contact Us!

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