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Discover the power of spoken content. It's so much more than just transcription.


AI to accurately and reliably convert spoken words from audio or video into text. The foundation of all features.


Not just differentiating speakers, but recognizing individuals across multiple files and assigning names to them.


Separate different speakers in audio or video recordings to maintain context across speaker changes.


Variable-length summaries of your spoken words to quickly get the key information out of potentially hours of audio.

LLM Features

Keywords, social media posts, and more based on your audio recordings. Contact us if you would like another feature.

Chatbot Integration

Ask questions about your recordings. Want to know a meeting participant's opinion on a specific topic? No problem.


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Speech recognition made in Germany for the German language with an accuracy of up to 96%. This exceeds the accuracy of other major providers, such as Google and Amazon. You can choose between different models that differ in accuracy and speed. You can also train your own models to improve accuracy. To do so, simply contact us.

Features of our SpeechToText solution

Asynchronous Transcription

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Transcribe recorded audio and video files with human-level accuracy - scalable to many transcriptions in parallel.

Various Audio and Video Formats

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Support for a wide range of audio and video formats, so you don't have to waste time converting.

Timestamps Per Word

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Accurate timestamps for each individual word, allowing you to easily track when each word was spoken and synchronize subtitles perfectly.

Speaker Diarization

Speaker identification and separation for audio and video. Our technology allows recognizing and distinguishing different speakers in an audio recording. This is particularly useful for processing group discussions, interviews, and conferences.

Features of our Speaker Diarization solution

Any number of speakers

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Recognizes and distinguishes any number of speakers in a single recording, allowing for clear separation of dialogues.

Speaker per word

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Precise assignment of speakers to each individual word, making it easy to trace who said what and when.

Resilience against background noise

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Advanced algorithms ensure that speakers are correctly identified even in loud environments or with background noise.

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